Grandmother Jones’s Flowers

Springtime is known for its green yards, baby animals, warmer days, and beautiful flowers. Back in the day, Roy resident, Elizabeth V. Jones, was known for her flowers that lined the long pathway to her home from the street. On each side of the path, were identical flower bushes of bridal wreathes, snowballs, and lilacs. There were holly hocks, bachelor buttons, pink morning glories, poppies, peonies, white variegated lilies, verbenas, larkspurs, as well as red, yellow, and moss roses.

Mrs. Jones was so sweet and loved to share bouquets of flowers with little children to enjoy. It was said that no child left her place without a small bouquet. She would say, “Aye lass, or lad, come now, remember to get you some posies before you go ‘ome. I shan’t cut them until you are right ready to leave, so they will not wilt.” She always made time to share her flowers. Can you imagine the cute chubby fingers of children taking home these colorful bundles of flowers?

Everyone had their favorite flower. Little girls loved holly hocks because they looked like dancing dolls. With a little imagination, pansies had small faces and created hours of fun for a child. Grandma Jones’s house was a magical place to be. She made everyone feel welcome and loved. Many great memories were created down that beautiful path to Grandma Jones’s house
History provided by Roy, Utah: Our Home Town by Rose & Ida Dalton


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