Council’s Corner

Welcome to our new, monthly Council’s Corner.
My father was self-employed. My brother is a self-employed owner/operator of a Layton restaurant. My son is an owner and co-owner of several different successful businesses. That is why I was excited when the Mayor appointed me to the Economic Development Committee. It is the committee’s assignment to help existing businesses and attract new business to the Roy City landscape. The committee, in two years, has established a small business loan program for startup businesses. The committee has also established a Business Advisory Board, which consists of local business people. The board is currently working on rolling out a marketing campaign this spring to help keep more sales tax revenues in Roy City. Without sales tax revenues, services could slip, and there will be a need for taxes to be raised. A tax increase is something nobody wants. Support our local businesses as we rebound from the recent pandemic.
Bryon Saxton, City Council

This “months” meeting will be available on You Tube. For those who wish to make comments, please email for a link to the Zoom chats.


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