Weber School District: Preparing Students for Success


With schools preparing to reopen later this month, we checked in with the school district to find out what the plans and precautions are during this unprecedented time. First and foremost, schools will be following state and local health department guidelines at schools. The goal is to open Weber School District in a safe way.

While the district shares the desire we all have to see a safe and effective vaccine that can defeat the virus, it hasn’t happened yet. It becomes imperative that the schools use proper protections to the extent possible to protect students, faculty, staff, and families at home. The district’s goal is to keep schools open, make sporting events available, allow extracurricular activities to be accessible, as well as field trips, dances, and graduation.

The only way any of this will remain possible is for everyone to take personal responsibility to protect themselves and those around them. First and foremost, If anyone experiences flu like symptoms, (e.g., fever, cough, chills, nausea, etc.) STAY HOME! The high school attendance credit has been suspended this year, so stay home and stop the spread. It is the same in all schools: there is no attendance awards this year. A higher emphasis will be placed on facility sanitation, including the regular cleaning of touch points and horizontal surface areas. There will also be hand sanitation stations throughout the schools, and students will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

Face coverings will be required and provided by the school district. Every student will receive one, and it will be in school colors with a logo on it. They will be reusable and washable. Teachers will have face shields so that students can still see their faces.

The district is also willing to support those who choose to keep their children home with at-home learning support. Teachers have worked all summer, building online coursework and learning management systems. Students will be able to stay connected to their teachers while learning from home.

*information in this article was taken from a letter written by Jeff M Stephens, Superintendent: Weber School District.

We’re Ready! Reopening schools the Safe Weber Way!


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