Win a $10 GIFT CARD of your choice to Wing Nuts or Chick•fil•A
to the First 20 people to answer all 10 questions about Utah correctly.

To Enter: Take a picture and text it to 801-645-9652, or email to

  1. What is Utah’s Oldest National Park?
  2. Where did the name Utah originate from?
  3. What is the estimated population of Utah?
  4. Roseanne Barr is a famous person from Utah, what is her religious background?
  5. What is the highest mountain peak in Utah?
  6. What is our state flower?
  7. Who is Roy City named after?
  8. What is the second largest city in Weber County?
  9. Who is the largest employer in the state of Utah?
  10. What Utah city has had more than 100 movies filmed there?


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