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Need More Fiber in your Diet?

I’m told I need to have more fiber in my diet. Though it’s not the fiber that you eat, it’s the fiber that powers the Internet.

The speeds you can get with fiber are typically the same for both your download and upload speeds. I have the fastest internet you can possibly get from Comcast; they provide me with 1,400Mbps for my downloads but only 40Mbps upload.

It’s the upload speed that determines how good of a video conference you have or the ability to quickly upload large files back to your employer.

I’m happy to announce that Roy City does now have a fiber internet option! This is a completely privately funded provider called Connext. They already have service up and running in certain parts of the city and intend to cover the entire city with fiber in the next three years.

Unlike other cities that chose to issue expensive bonds and burden the citizens with repaying those bonds, Roy City opted to allow the free market to come in and self-fund the build-out of fiber.

How can you help to expedite the roll out of Connext Fiber Internet into your neighborhood? They are looking for what they call a Neighborhood Fiber Champion.

Connext will provide these Neighborhood Fiber Champions with yard signs, flyers, and a referral program that will reward these champions with free service!

If interested in the Neighborhood Fiber Champion program, reach out to Brian Papworth at or call him at 801-686-2468.

Visit to see if your home is already in their service area. If your home isn’t in the service area, fill out the form and let all of your neighbors know to sign up as well!

Randy R. Scadden
Roy City Council


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