Changing Lives, Giving Meaning And Purpose To Others

Kenneth Naegle

Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center

He is changing lives, and giving meaning and purpose to others.

By Marliss Scott

Kenneth Naegle, Regional Executive Director of PARC, a ServiceSource Affiliate, is one passionate man. In talking with him you have no doubt he loves what he does. It’s who he is. For the 36 years he’s been with PARC he’s helped empower those with disabilities to find their place in the community and life.

PARC, Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center in Clearfield, has annually helped 400 individuals and families bring meaning and purpose to disabled adults since 1974. “We have as many programs as we have people, meaning, we take what’s important to the individual, and caregivers, and we support them in whatever way they need,” said Ken.

Ken never forgot when he heard Richard Pimentel, an American disability rights advocate, speak. Pimentel said, ‘If you want to hire someone with a disability it doesn’t matter if they can do the job. But, if you want to hire somebody that can do the job, it doesn’t matter if they have a disability.’ “That captures the vision of what we’re trying to accomplish at PARC,” said Ken. Not just jobs, but careers. Not just careers, but life skills. Not just life skills but a self-determined life. “We get to know the individual,” shared Ken. “Our Discovery in Genius program identifies a person’s passion and skill sets. It’s like a sculptor chipping away to reveal the real person inside.”

PARC’s Customized Employment program matches an individual to their passion – for example, a dog lover working as a pet groomer. PARC’s Day Program integrates individuals into the community through field trips, like restaurants, or movies, teaching social and money transaction skills. PARC prepares individuals for independent living, reading, writing, and more. Their Bloom program helps disabled artisans prepare products to sell at boutiques, with the artisan receiving the proceeds.

PARC has custodial service contracts with Hill Field, Tooele, and Brigham City, employing 130. PARC also assembles kits for the U.S. military, such as climbing, cold weather, and ammunition kits. “We know there are people out there that could use our services. I encourage caregivers and business owners to reach out,” invited Ken. “We have a wealth of resources.”

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