Employee Spotlight – Jodi Fusselman

Jodi Fusselman has been with Roy City for 21 years and is currently the Public Works Administrative Assistant. It is easy to say she has served Roy City and the community fiercely. In her day-to-day, she over- sees the operations and ensures everything functions smoothly. The Public Works Department includes water, stormwater, streets, build- ing maintenance, and the city shops. She wears many hats to make sure everyone has what they need and always does it seamlessly.

When you meet Jodi, you feel like you’ve met your new best friend. She remembers you whether you met once 5 years ago, or she sees you every year during the annual dumpster days. Jodi says “My favorite part about this job is working with the community. Dumpsters are my favorite 4 weeks out of the entire year because I get to visit with the awesome citizens of Roy.”

Jodi not only provides incredible support to our residents but also to our employees. She is the first one to make sure word gets out about main breaks and the first one to blast our snowplow crews with kudos for all they do to make sure we have clear roads to drive on. While we may be biased in thinking all our employees are outstanding, we know that we are truly lucky to have Jodi, and thank her for all that she does!


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