Roy’s Kid Entrepreneurs

Local kids learn business savvy at the Kid’s Mini Market in Roy

Adrianna Parker and Amari Erwin at the Mini Market


The goal of the Mini Market is to support and empower innovative kids to become entrepreneurs in their immediate neighborhood.

Last summer Lori Bunnell-Parker, a Roy city resident, transplant from California, and the mother of three school-aged children, noticed her kids, ages 5, 11, and 17, were in the habit of asking her for money. Rather than just give them money or have them do household chores she had a more innovative idea: what if the kids were to sell various items in their neighborhood? She had noticed ambitious kids in her area who were selling lemonade, cookies, and other items in order to earn money— hence, the Roy Kids Mini Market was conceived.

Lori felt that this would be a great way for her to get her children to stay off their screens and learn valuable skills, including time and money management, instead. Most of all, she wanted them to learn how to interact with adults in their neighborhood. This process was also a way to help build up her immediate community, which she is very passionate about. Not only would the children earn their own money, but it would teach them how to interact professionally and empower them to use these skills throughout their lives.

She created a flyer along with four other moms and posted it on one of the Roy community Facebook groups. Through the power of social media, the group received strong positive feedback from many community members, and she was able to hold their first event.

Nilah Henry sells postcards at the Mini Market

The Mini Market sells items from snow cones, cinnamon rolls, granola bars, and Mexican street corn to stickers, cup holders, fidgets, t-shirts, and many others. The children learn how to factor in the human labor and cost of their business to determine how to price accordingly.

The goal of the Mini Market is to support and empower innovative kids to become entrepreneurs in their immediate neighborhood, which impacts the greater community in a positive way. This gives them the opportunity to experience running their own mini-business with the support, guidance, and direction of their families, friends, and neighbors. It’s a safe environment to gain experience for the future.

This community building endeavor has become so popular the group has had to find a new location. The director of Kidz Town has offered the group a space to hold their next events—the next one is scheduled for August 26th.

Kids Mini Market
August 26th at Kidz Town
5686 South 2050 West, Roy

To sign a child up to participate, email


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