SHOP ROY Buy Local

Two new cafe’s have recently opened in Roy

Navola Tortas, located at 1864 W. 5300 S. (former Lee’s Fish and Rice building), offers excellent classic, fresh-made Mexican food, and people on Facebook started raving about their great food the day they opened.

You will find a large variety of tortas [a hearty, boldly flavored Mexican sandwich that features a symphony of flavors and textures). Here is a tiny highlight of the torta options at Navola Tortas: the Cancun (breaded chicken, ham, American cheese, avocado), the Cubana (pork leg, ham, chihuahua cheese, avocado), the Chilanga (breaded steak, chorizo, American cheese, avocado), the Mazatlan (pork leg, ham, American cheese, and yellow cheese), ham and American cheese, and carne asada with beans, and panela cheese. Try them all!

You’ll also find savory tacos and burritos. Pick from asada (roasted or grilled meat), pastor (“shepherd style” pork), carnitas (roasted pork), or adobada (meat marinated in a very thick, flavorful, chilé-based mixture). Breakfast burritos are also available.

Delight in the fresh Italian fare at Prego Café inside the Southwest Library at 2039 W 4000 S. The Viennoiseries (Vienna-style morning pastries) are baked fresh every day in the café (if you like croissants or apple turnovers, This Is Your Place). A wide assortment of Schiacciata (stuffed Sicilian flat bread) is offered, such as the Basil Chicken Pesto, Lucca, Renzo Special, and Jambon. Or try the Pinsas (“a cloud-like Pizza” that’s crispy on the outside and super soft and scrumptious inside)—make your own, or try a Margherita, Mortadella, Carnivoro, Prosciutto, or Pollo Pinsa. All the flavors are delicious! Prego offers a wide assortment of delicious salads, and the desserts are outstanding! Their coffee will perk you up; the hot tea will warm you up; the iced drinks will chill you out. Visit the library for the books, and stay for the delicious food!


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