Powerful Mother-Daughter Team Dedicated to Their Customers


After 22 years of Rochelle being a stay-at-home mom, she and her husband Jarad found themselves at a crossroads due to the job market impact of COVID.

Seeking a new adventure as business owners, they decided to purchase a franchise from Floor Coverings International. The franchise’s exceptional training program and ongoing mentorship convinced them that they could succeed and serve their community effectively. With Jarad’s dream job offer, Rochelle made the courageous decision to open the business on her own, enlisting their daughter Emmalee, who was about to graduate with a communication studies degree. In June 2021, they launched their mobile showroom, bringing flooring samples and expertise right to customers’ doors.

Rochelle and Emmalee form a powerful mother-daughter team as business owners, dedicated to providing exquisite and distinctive flooring solutions. Their unique business model sets them apart, offering personalized consultations with a vast selection of flooring options brought directly to customers. They take into account customers’ existing homes, styles, and needs to provide tailored color, style, and product suggestions. Drawing on Rochelle’s experience as a mother of six, they offer practical advice on durable and family-friendly flooring options.

Breaking the mold of a typical flooring company, this dynamic duo brings a women’s touch of style and design to a predominantly male industry. They prioritize effective communication and respect in all interactions, striving to make the flooring transition process seamless. With a knowledgeable team of installers, they invest time in understanding different installation techniques and products. Even after installation, they ensure customer satisfaction by following up on how the flooring performs.

Floor Coverings International is a comprehensive mobile flooring business serving Weber, Davis, Morgan, Box Elder, and Cache counties. Their free in-home consultations make it convenient for customers to explore various flooring choices. Rochelle and Emmalee specialize in guiding clients towards the flooring solution that best suits their needs and lifestyle. Whether customers prefer LVP, laminate, sheet vinyl, tile, wood, or carpet, they can easily contact the team for assistance through a phone call or website appointment booking.

Rochelle and Emmalee’s Floor Coverings International franchise offers a personalized and convenient flooring experience, combining expertise, variety, and exceptional service. As passionate business owners, they strive to transform customers’ spaces with high-quality flooring solutions that exceed expectations.

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