A Message from Roy City Fire Department

A reminder that open-burning season is now open! An open burn permit may be issued between March 30 – May 30, 2023.

An open burn permit application must be completed, and a valid permit issued by the county or municipal fire authority prior to burning.

If you are interested in burning, please apply for a permit through one of the following options.

Visit air.utah.gov/OpenBurning/form/index.php for instructions to apply for an open burn permit.

An applicant can call the D.A.Q. at 801-536-4000 and complete the open burn permit application process over the phone. A DAQ inspector will ask the applicant for the required information.

A hard copy of the application may be completed and submitted by mail to D.A.Q. for processing. To request a hard copy of the application, contact D.A.Q. by phone at 801-536-4000.

Pre-Burning Checklist!

  • Open burn permit application must be complete, and a valid permit issued.
  • Location of proposed burning to any building, other structures, neighbors, or other public areas that might be impacted by the smoke and emissions from the burn.
  • Consider whether there is any practical alternative method for the disposal of material to be burned.
  • Burn index of 500 or greater.
  • Materials to be burned are thoroughly dry.
  • No trash, rubbish, tires, and/or oil.
  • Supervised by a responsible person who shall notify the local fire department and have available, either on-site or by the local fire department, the means to suppress the burn.


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