Create a HOME You LOVE

Photos courtesy of Ovation Homes

Whether you are renovating your 1980’s rambler or you just bought your first tiny two-bedroom bungalow, being mindful of a few simple concepts will help you create a home you love.

Windows are the most important and natural source of light in your home and deserve special attention. Check your windows for drafts and leaks and aim to replace windows that are around 15 years old or older. New double-paned windows will not only lighten and brighten your spaces, but they can also lower utility bills.

Window coverings are a feature that are often overlooked. Replacing curtains or blinds is a simple way to change the aesthetic of a space, and window coverings help to moderate incoming light and heat in one step. There are a variety of options depending on your budget.

Even small improvements and upgrades to your home can drastically change the way your spaces feel and function. Bathrooms and kitchens are likely where you spend the most time, so prioritizing home upgrades in these areas will have the biggest impact.

Installing new appliances can give your kitchen an upgrade, but if you’re working with a smaller budget, start with the most updated fixture and replace them one at a time. A fresh coat of paint and a set of new rugs is a quick an inexpensive way to freshen up a space, and replacing faucets and towel holders can also kick the aesthetic up a notch in your high-traffic spaces.

Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve your home’s exterior. From adding new mulch to garden beds to hiring an arborist to trim overgrown trees, or a landscaping architect to help plan an attractive and functional outdoor space.

Some additional exterior improvements that can increase your home’s curb appeal, as well as its overall value is replacing or restoring rooves, rain gutters, and garage doors. Painting the front door, pressure washing walkways, and replacing outdated house numbers are all easy and inexpensive ways to ramp up your home’s aesthetic.

Whether you’re adding custom window coverings, replacing a bathroom sink, or installing a new fence, each step you take to improve and upgrade the space where you live makes it feel a little more like home.


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