Egg Substitutes


Having a dozen eggs in your fridge at any point in time seems to be a way to flex these days. But even if you don’t have eggs, or you don’t want to use them if you do have them, you don’t have to actually use them in baking. Use a substitute! did a test where they initially made two batches of a basic vanilla muffin recipe. One with egg as it called for and one without. Then they tried common egg substitutes trying to see which substitute would get them the closest back to the original muffin with egg. We listed the best substitutes from highest rated to lowest.

Carbonated Water

1/4 cup carbonated water = 1 egg
Muffins baked with carbonated water were almost indistinguishable from muffins baked with egg!

Water, Oil & Baking Powder

2 T water + 2 t baking powder + 1 t vegetable oil = 1 egg
There was almost no difference in taste and structure compared to the original muffin made with egg. The tops were a bit more crisp and darker.

Mashed Banana

1/4 cup mashed banana = 1 Egg
There was a definite banana flavor and the muffins were a little gummy compared to the other muffins.


1/4 cup unsweetened apple sauce = 1 egg
The applesauce made them a bit more chewy, but very moist. Also the tops of the muffins didn’t get as crisp during baking. It also gave it a sweeter and a slight apple flavor.


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