Message from Mayor Dandoy

Mayor Robert Dandoy

I won’t try to completely explain why individuals find it necessary to place graffiti and/or damage our public park equipment and facilities. Maybe they vandalize because of boredom, revenge, peer pressure or just anger. The cost to the Roy residents is still the same. We have placed cameras in our parks, which has resulted in some success, but the problem continues. Anytime a community shows evidence of vandalism it leaves the impression that they don’t care. A neighborhood that doesn’t care is an easy target for crime. We need your help! If you see something, say something. Call the city and report it. Unless the individual(s) and/or parents are held accountable, we cannot hope to solve this problem.

April will be the beginning of our Community Clean-up program. Once again, the Roy Public Works facility will be accepting residents’ Spring cleanup materials from April 17th through the 29th. But there is much more to do! We need members of the community to help neighbors remove the trash and bring it to these dumpsters. Please consider establishing local community clean-up events and let the city help remove the garbage. To make it easier, if you can get several neighbors to assist others in the community, contact the Community Development office on the city’s website or at to schedule a dumpster drop-off for your group to fill up. We are willing to do what it takes to make a neighborhood look and feel better, but we need your help. We will be pushing code enforcement, but it can only go so far. Community appeal and satisfaction start and end with each of us, we all must do our part.

We certainly have been blessed with the abundance of water this season, but it could come with some unexpected consequences. I clearly remember the 1983 flooding along the Wasatch Front when hot temperatures fueled the mountain runoff and flooded streets down south. My concern here in Roy is with groundwater, particularly with those homes/businesses on the west side of the city where the water table is high. You need to watch out for potential flooding. Some simple things you can do is check your sump pumps to make sure they are operational and direct the water from your gutter downspouts away from your home’s foundation. Basement flooding can happen to the best of us, so before it happens try to mitigate its impact now.

Be safe and keep your family safe!

Mayor Robert Dandoy


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