TAGG-N-GO Express Car Wash

A Utah Car Wash Empire Providing Service to Roy Community

We weren’t set on what we wanted to do, so in 2012 we were told about an opportunity to buy a self-serve car wash and took a chance on it. It definitely wasn’t on our radar.

That bet paid off, as it allowed them to launch the neighborhood Tagg-N-Go Car Wash brand in 2016. Yet they had no idea how much their small business would expand.

Tagg-N-Go is a homegrown organization. “Founded in Utah for YOUtah”.

In 2022, the little Utah car wash that was once ranked 66th on the Top 100 Conveyor Car Washes list has grown to become the state’s biggest privately owned car wash. From Roy to Mesquite, Nevada. The company has expanded to 12 locations and more than 275 people.

“We found a love and passion for people. And here we are now at 12 locations.”

This is more than simply a company to Quinn Allgood, Conner Atkin (Co-Owners), and the rest of the Tagg-N-Go staff. Their customers and coworkers are like an extended family to them.

“Come for a job and stay for a career. We have had many employees start as part-time attendants who have now become site managers, maintenance technicians, HR professionals and trainers, just to name a few.”- Human resources director of Tagg-N-Go: Sara Slauf

Tagg-N-Go is here to provide service to the Roy community and is more than just ‘another’ car wash. They are here to give back.

“Cultivate unity and inspire opportunity!”

Keep a lookout for additional sites that are opening nearby to experience the Tagg-N-Go difference for yourself. New locations are opening in Eagle Mountain, Cedar City, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Tooele, and Saratoga Springs in 2023.

Water. Our most precious resource. Washing one car at home uses 100 gallons. Our wash uses less than 30 gallons of water per car. Tagg-N-Go Car Wash is focused on environmental impact. Founded in Southern Utah, we have seen the effects of the drought in the desert and we hear your concerns about water. We strive to listen to new ideas and continue to adapt to help protect the environment for all of us to thrive. We do this for our customers, our employees, our planet, and our families.


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