Do You Have An AED?


Are you are a business, school, or organization in Roy and have an Automated Defibrillator inside your building? The Roy City Fire Department would like to remind organizations in the city that currently support an AED in their building to make sure it is registered with Weber Area Dispatch at the following link:

Information needed will be the location, brand, model, and serial number of the unit. Having these units registered plays a vital role in early access to a defibrillator when needed during a cardiac arrest. Once it is registered, Roy Fire Department personnel will swing by to verify its location for you. Additionally, we would like to remind you that if you have an AED, please check for the expiration of disposable items and that the battery is sufficiently charged.

PulsePoint Reminder!
If you haven’t already, we would like to encourage all to register for the PulsePoint App in the city. We are gearing up to start public CPR classes in the near future and invite you to prepare by downloading the PulsePoint App at this time. Keep your ears open for upcoming classes!


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