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Burger Bar • Since 1956

Come experience an old-fashioned drive-up with a unique menu, freshly cooked and made to order food.

Burger Bar has been in the same location in Roy – 5291 S. 1900 W. – since 1956. The old-school walk-up counter will take you back in time.

Burgers here are handmade on site. This makes the burgers juicy, tender, and full of fresh flavor. The hamburgers are classics: named after founder Ben Fowler, try the Big Ben Burger, the Double Ben, the Triple Ben, or even the Quad Cheese Ben! You’ll also find the Steak Ben, the Sea Ben, BBQ Ben, BLT, chicken sandwiches, and much more. Sides include fries, deep fried mushrooms, potato gems, and onion rings.

The hamburgers are the staple, but the Exotic Meat of the Month may be the standout at Burger Bar. The offering could be alligator, antelope, boar, camel, catfish, crawfish, kangaroo, lamb, longhorn, mahi-mahi, pheasant, mako shark, ostrich, rabbit, red deer, swordfish, venison, wagyu, wild boar, or yak. The mountain man burger patty is antelope, venison, buffalo, wild boar, and elk. The Exotic Meat of the Month is posted on a signboard at the front of the building, but you can call 801-825-8961 to find out what’s being offered as well.

The over-the-top milkshakes are full of rich, smooth goodness. In addition to their standard variety of flavors, special shake flavors offered seasonally have included caramel apple pie, cherry crumble, cotton candy, eggnog, Jolly Rancher, key lime, mango, peppermint, pumpkin, and s’mores.

A warm welcome and an old-school—or an exotic—meal can always be expected when you come by Burger Bar!


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