Message from Mayor Dandoy

Mayor Dandoy

It has been a long time since I’ve seen this much snow and the requirement to shovel my sidewalks this many times. The 2022/2023 water season has been a blessing for us having experienced years living in drought conditions. The experts will know how all this abundance of snow measures up when the water year ends in the middle of next month. Certainly, this season has made a big difference, but water conservation is still necessary. This Spring you might want to consider the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District Flip-Your-Strip program as well as other rebates to help Slow-the-Flow. Details are found on the district’s website.

Change is never easy. Recent UDOT right-of-way acquisition of homes along 5600 South has resulted in several residents having to move to make way for the widening project. Many of these citizens have lived there for decades, leaving behind a significant part of their life, their memories, their friends. Sacrificing their home and property to improve traffic flow seems unfulfilling and maybe hard to accept. I know many of these people and I’m left concerned with the new challenges they now face.

In April the Roy Public Works facility on 2700 West will once again make dumpsters available for residents to drop-off your Spring-cleaning waste. About the same time, we will be rolling out a city-wide plan to clean up our residential and business areas. We need members of the community to help neighbors remove the clutter and bring it to these dumpsters. It costs you nothing but a little time and energy. Please consider establishing local community clean up events and let the city help remove the garbage. Community pride starts and ends with each of us, let’s all do our part. Watch for more information.

Be safe and keep your family safe!
Mayor Robert Dandoy


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