Roy Communities that Care Coalition

Did you know that Roy Communities That Care is a community-driven coalition? We strive to educate and empower youth and community members on the harms and adverse effects of underage substance misuse.


Our youth are incredible and offer valuable insights for our coalition with the Communities That Care Youth Council. Natalia Nicole Cruz Murcia is the acting chair of the CTC Youth Council. Nicole was introduced to the CTC through one of her favorite teachers, who taught LIA (Latinos in Action), and joined the youth council as a freshman. “What I like about it,” she said, “is the good service we do. Also, how we are put in charge of some activities and are supported.”

When asked why other teens should get involved with the Youth Council, Nicole commented, “I think it is important because we have different views than adults do when it comes to pretty much everything. I would say because of that, it is good to get involved in things like CTC.”

Thank you, Nicole, for being such an important part of our coalition!

If you would like more information about the Roy Communities That Care Coalition, Please reach out to:
Coordinator Shardae Jones

Co-Coordinator Sophie Paul


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