Caring Hands – A Roy City Police Public Safety Program

The Roy City Police Department recognizes that the community we serve is diverse and unique. Our ability to respond should be parallel. To achieve that goal, we want to remind you of our Caring Hands program. A program intended to be inclusive of all those with varying needs related to mental health, neurological, or physical impairments, regardless of age.

The Caring Hands program focuses on receiving vital information about its participants that can aid our public safety personnel in tailoring a response to those with a variety of mental health diagnoses, visual, and communicative impairments, etc.

If you have a loved one that you think may benefit from this program, please share this information with them. Our public safety team also recognizes the inherent sensitivity that is required when caring for members of our community. That’s why our program is completely voluntary, and all information received is strictly confidential.

Please visit our website at or scan the QR code to read more about the program and find the downloadable form.


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