Council’s Corner

Councilmember Diane Wilson

Welcome to February! The month is dedicated to affection and kindness, as well as the example and heritage of two landmark presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Acts of service and kindness are widespread in our community. Last week I observed a couple filling one of our city-giving boxes—thank you.

The Arts Council is expanding events.
• There will be a poetry contest for junior high and high school students on March 9th. The Theme is, “Let’s Celebrate Together.” Put your creative thinking caps on.
• After a successful three concert series last year, the ‘Concerts in the Park’ series will be expanded to six performances this summer. Watch for dates and times.
• Start preparing for the Art contest during Roy Days.

City Council members have new committee assignments:
Beautification, Economic Development, WACOG, WFRC, Chamber of Commerce, and a lot more
Diane Wilson—Roy Days, Economic Development, Public Works Liaison
Ann Jackson—Beautification, Financial Audit, Mosquito Abatement, Fire Dept. Liaison
Joe Paul—Economic Development, Sewer Board, Parks & Rec Liaison
Sophie Paul—Boys & Girls Club, Arts Council, Roy Days, Admin Dept. Liaison
Randy Scadden—Financial Audit, Police Dept. Liaison

It’s hard to find better entertainment than City Council meetings. Pres. George Washington said, “Every post is honorable in which a man (individual) can serve his country.” Come join us.

As we individually work towards an impactful year, consider President Abraham Lincoln’s suggestion to “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm,” and President Washington’s motto, “Deeds, not Words.”

Thanks for your many good deeds!

Councilmember Diane Wilson


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