Message from Mayor Dandoy

Mayor Dandoy

The 2023 Utah Legislative Session is in full swing. Undoubtedly there will be new bills introduced to help direct local governments towards different types of housing affordability and water conservation objectives. Both objectives are important but how each local government addresses each of them, is also crucial. Not everything can fit in the same box. As always, I will be monitoring about 10 to 15 bills that have direct implication to Roy City. In past legislative sessions, I’ve testified at a committee meeting at the capital, to ensure Roy City’s interests are met. If necessary, it will happen again in this session. I have faith in our local representatives and senators who appear to always be looking out for our best interests. If you have a question and need an answer on important issues during this legislative session, please reach out to these devoted public officials.

The city is still working to bring the Complex swimming pool back up and operating. Be patient with us as we work to secure the needed funds, equipment, and contractor to put it all together. It takes time to do it right the first time, so we don’t have to make up excuses the second time.

Friendly reminder to please keep your vehicles off the streets during and shortly after we experience a snowstorm. Our dedicated snowplow drivers are out trying to clear the road at all hours of the day to keep you safe. That goes for the sidewalks on your property. Surprisingly, people are still using them in the winter. We need your help; we need your cooperation!

Be safe and keep your family safe!

Mayor Robert Dandoy


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