The inflation proof currency you can actually spend – GOLDBACKS


Goldback are not a promise to pay with gold, they are gold. Actual gold that has been perfectly weighed, and created into a real fungible, spendable currency. Producing the Goldback relies on 5th generation vacuum deposition technology. Designs are printed on a sheet of polymer that is then bombarded with the precise amount of atomized gold particles in a vacuum chamber. This 24-karat gold is then sealed inside by a second protective barrier of polymer, creating a beautiful textured negative image.

The Goldback® is the world’s first physical, interchangeable, gold money, that is designed to accommodate even small transactions. There is a long term problem that gold investors are fully aware of. Gold is too valuable, making it hard to spend. Before now, there really wasn’t a way to utilize gold for small everyday transactions. Goldbacks were created to solve that problem.

They are fungible. Fungible means you can always exchange two Five-Goldbacks notes for one Ten-Goldbacks note. Also, whether you’re buying 10 or 1,500 Goldbacks, you know the price will be 10 or 1,500 times the current Goldback Exchange Rate.

Where can you spend these today?
You can spend your Goldbacks at these businesses nearby.

GunsAmmoPreparedness (Weber County Sports Shooting Complex) 2446 Rulon White Blvd.,Ogden
RoofMaxx of Ogden 801-823-5092
Connection Publishing 801-624-9652
Darren Bideaux RV 1448 W 2100 S, West Haven
NeWay Mattress 3689 Washington Blvd, Ogden
Brixtons 2386 Kiesel Ave, Ogden
Shirts to a T 215 E. 300 N., Morgan
Safe Air Solutions 4152 S. 5350 W., Hooper
Gap Marketing 5740 W. 4200 S., Hooper
Allen’s Ceramics 1747 Gibson Ave., Ogden
The Moxi Agency 1412 Legend Hills Dr. Suite 332 Clearfield
Functional Health Services 4590 Harrison Blvd.,Ogden
Jessica’s Hair (Ambiance Salon) 972 Chambers Ave., Ogden, Utah
REEDY SET GO (home Inspections) 801-710-1461
Aspen Natural Health 1900 Washington Blvd, Ogden
Mineral Research International 2720 Wadman Dr. Ogden
BDiamond Leather 3480 Washington Blvd, Ogden

This list is growing quickly. If you own a business and you would like to accept Goldbacks, I can help you get set up. If you would like to own some Goldbacks, I can also help you there. I have samples available in my shop at the Weber County Sports Shooting Complex. The most popular are the 1 Goldbacks and the 5 Goldbacks, because they will be the most spendable. These are actual works of art and are real gold. Come get your Goldbacks collection started.


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