Message from Mayor Dandoy

Mayor Robert Dandoy

With the 2023 New Year now here, it is a time to plan our resolutions. As mayor, I plan to focus this year on several important city projects. I hope to get the new cemetery plans locked down. I want to get the new mixed-use development in downtown Roy started. I expect to see construction with the widening of 5600 S. I hope to get the widening of 3500 W moved up from 2029 to 2027. I desire to get a dialog started on a new 3 Gate Trail development on the east side of the city. I expect to see our Complex fully operational. I plan to see the new pickleball courts in George Wahlen North Park. Each of these important projects is on my to-do list. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

This year, I’ve asked for the City Council’s support in addressing a city-wide cleanup. In the spring, you will hear more about our plan to help clear out trash and rubble. You will see greater enforcement of our nuisance ordinance in both residential and commercial areas that focus on debris and weeds. Living and working in pleasant surroundings improves daily life and helps attract new business. We need everyone helping to bring Roy City back to the days when we were recognized as one of the top beautified neighborhoods in the nation.

The Arts Council is planning several “Concert in the Park” summer events. These free cultural happenings are a wonderful addition to our neighborhood. Please take the time to join us and witness the abundant talent within our community.

You might consider being more active in local government. We need your ideas and recommendations to improve your quality of life. Whether through attending our council meetings or just sending us an email, we welcome your engagement on important issues to you.

We have much to do. I hope you will use this new year as an opportunity to set aside the things of the past and focus on being a better you. A new year offers a new beginning. Enjoy it! Maybe Dr. Seuss said it best; “You’ll never get bored when you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do”.

Be safe and keep your family safe!
Mayor Robert Dandoy


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