Public Works Updates


The storm drains on your street are actually part of a larger water conveyance system of underground pipes, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, and canals. Known as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, or MS4, this system is subject to regulation by the Division of Water Quality (DWQ) through an MS4 stormwater permit. The permit requirements are intended to reduce pollutant discharges and meet water quality standards through the development andv implementation of a Storm Water Management Program (SWMP), which is available on the city website ( under the Storm Water Dept.


The significant increase in recent years of nitrogen and phosphorus in water bodies across the country has intensified water quality problems. Too much nitrogen and phosphorus can cause serious water quality problems. Nutrient pollution impairs drinking water, endangers aquatic life, and threatens the recreational use of Utah’s streams, rivers, and lakes.

Stormwater pollution from masonry and paving, fresh concrete, and cement-related mortars that wash into lakes, rivers, and streams is toxic to fish and the aquatic environment. Disposing of these materials to storm drains or streams causes serious problems – and is prohibited by law

The Roy City stormwater system runs through the Meadow Creek fish pond. This water is vital to the pond and wildlife and must be kept clean. Please dispose of grass clippings, pet waste, paint, fertilizers, leaves, seeds, etc. properly and help keep our city streets as well as streams and rivers clean. ONLY STORMWATER IS ALLOWED DOWN THE GUTTER

Please contact Roy City Public Works Department to report violations at 801-774-1090. If it is after hours, please call Weber County Dispatch at 801-629-8221. Our current stormwater ordinance is on our website at


As winter is approaching, we would like to remind you to clear snow off all sidewalks adjacent to your home.

Roy City Code 4-3-1 and 4-3-3(g):
ACCUMULATION OF SNOW ON SIDEWALKS: All accumulation of snow, sleet, hail, or other precipitation impairing safe access and use of sidewalks abutting on any public right-of-way of the city which has not been removed within twelve (12) hours from the termination of the depositing storm. The responsible party shall be any person owning, occupying, having control or charge or being an agent over any building, property, lot or partial lot of land abutting said sidewalks.


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