Message from Mayor Dandoy

Mayor Robert Dandoy

For years now, Roy City has encouraged residents and business owners on the south end of the city to have their buildings checked by the Hill AFB Indoor Air Sampling Program. This free service provides a way to detect if TCE vapor intrusion is finding its way into homes or businesses from the chemical plume under that part of the city. There are still almost 100 buildings that have not been checked. Watch for the notification from the base in your mail and please respond when you receive it. Look to the Roy City website under COMMUNITY for the latest information about the Hill AFB Chemical Plume.

The holiday season is here with all the joy and celebration one would expect. Granted, there is not a day that goes by that we don’t read or hear about conflicts in the world that seem to hinder the festivity of the season. But, there is hope. There was a time during World War I when the fighting stopped and many soldiers on both sides of the Western Front honored the sacred occasion with song and the exchange of gifts. The 1914 Christmas Truce stands as a testament to the power of hope and compassion during a dark time in history. We can only hope that world leaders will follow the examples of the Prince of Peace.

This time of year, please consider the needs of those less fortunate who can benefit from your service. As an example, the Just Serve organization offers hundreds of local volunteer opportunities you can provide support to. The blessing of service is a wonderful Christmas gift that can change the lives of others and you. Share the season with family and friends and consider volunteering your time to a good cause.

May your holiday season be filled with joy, happiness, laughter, and prosperity.

Mayor Robert Dandoy


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