Roy Communities that Care Coalition

The Roy Coalition uses the CTC (Communities That Care) model to help combat underage substance misuse. This model was developed by J. David Hawkins, PhD, and Richard F. Catalano, PhD, through decades of research and collaboration with communities across the country. Recently, coalition members had the unique opportunity to attend a Principles of Prevention conference led by Dr. Hawkins as the keynote speaker. This was a rare and educational opportunity for prevention specialists across Utah and Nevada, who gathered to learn about what is new in prevention and how other coalitions across the state are addressing substance misuse, cannabis use, underage drinking, smoking/vaping, and suicide prevention. The Utah Department of Health and Human Services was a huge contributor to this conference and its success.

Coalition member, Fran Smith, was also in attendance for this special conference to learn about the principles of prevention. She will be able to take back what she learned and present it to the coalition.

The Principles and Prevention conference included the following topics:
⊲ Live On: Increasing the Accessibility of Suicide Prevention Education
⊲ Application of Prevention Principles in Your Town
⊲ Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
⊲ Tobacco Enforcement as a Prevention Strategy: SYNAR and Youth
⊲ Increasing Family Attachment and Decreasing Underage Alcohol Use (206)

In upcoming news, we will be hosting a parent night at Roy High on November 7th, where we will take the opportunity to educate and provide support for our Roy City parents on how they can better support their students/kids.

If you would like more information about the Roy Communities That Care Coalition or are interested in getting involved in your community, please reach out to Coalition Coordinator: Shardae Jones
801-648-0115 |
Facebook: @RoyUtahCTC


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