Roy City Storm Water

Roy City Public Works Department

Roy City would like to thank the citizens who have assisted with storm water drainage by clearing weeds, leaves, and debris from the gutters and the storm drain grates. Citizens can be a big help in the fall and winter months by clearing leaves, snow, and ice away from the grates until city crews arrive to clear them.

Please sweep up or use a blower to blow grass clipping, leaves, and fertilizers that get onto driveways, sidewalks, streets, or gutters back onto your lawn.

This is a friendly reminder that discharging or washing antifreeze, motor oil, gasoline, paints, solvents, fertilizers, and cement into the storm drain system is illegal. Antifreeze is also attractive and harmful to animals. Please dispose of hazardous materials in the proper manner and place. The Weber County Solid Waste Transfer Station may be contacted at 801-399-8358 for information on hazardous material disposal.

The Roy City storm water system runs through the Meadow Creek fish pond. This water is vital to the pond and wildlife and must be kept clean. Please dispose of grass clippings, pet waste, paint, fertilizers, leaves, seeds etc. properly and help keep our city streets, streams, and rivers clean.

• Masonry and Paving:
Fresh concrete- and cement-related mortars that wash into our lakes and streams are toxic to fish and the aquatic environment. Disposing of these materials to gutters and storm drains cause serious problems and is Prohibited by law!

• Oil: Pour waste oil into an unbreakable container (plastic milk jug), seal, and label. Do not mix other materials with oil. Call 801-399-8803 or 801-726-8212 for disposal. Or visit Weber County Transfer Station, 867 W. Wilson lane, Ogden, Utah.

Please contact Roy City Public Works Department to report violations at 801-774-1090. If it is after hours, please call Weber County Dispatch at 801-629-8221. Our current storm water ordinance is on our website at


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