SHOP ROY–Buy Local

Farmhouse at Saccos (6050 S. 1900 W.)
As a phoenix rises out of the ashes, Farmhouse at Saccos has given new life to Roy City’s iconic 53-year-old produce stand. In April 2022, the Saccos retired and Brandy Fowers walked inside. For weeks, she was hands-and-knees on the floor, patiently painting a vibrant pattern on the cement. Family members installed new lighting, painted walls and ceilings, brought in farmhouse décor, contacted suppliers, and replaced windows. A few short weeks later, they flung open the doors to a vibrant, updated building that is bright, clean, cheerful, homey, and comfortable.

Farmhouse at Saccos will continue to sell fresh produce grown locally – much of it grown on their own farm. But there is much more than produce, all with an emphasis on “local.”

Look for products such as heavenly caramels, locally produced honey, packets of seeds, Gossner’s cheese, Andy’s Club Greek dressing, Storey’s pickles, Stone Ground Bakery pita bread, Beaverton horseradish, Redmond salt, local jams, jellies, nuts, and spices, Farr Better ice cream, Pioneer chips, Rogers eggs, jerky, several varieties of salsa, and local beer. They also have their own brand of bottled products: farmhouse pickles, beets, pickled asparagus, queso blanco, garlic olives, blackberry syrup, candied jalapeño, and pickled eggs, to name just a few. They plan to have gift baskets to pre-order and, someday, meats.

Is your mouth watering yet??

O’Reilly and AutoZone Auto Parts
Have you ever wondered why O’Reilly and AutoZone auto parts stores built near each other? (Check out the four locations in Roy, four in Ogden, two in North Ogden, and two in South Ogden.) Per a store manager, the two stores “are in competition for commercial business and almost always are built within a few blocks of each other, if possible. The major difference is customer service.” You’ll have to decide for yourself which store’s manager said that.


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