Roy Days Art Show Winners

The 6th Annual Art Show was recently held in conjunction with Roy Days. The theme was “The Simple Things in Life”. Winners were awarded ribbons and cash prizes on August 6th, with the Best of Show winning $200. The winners are as follows:

Best of Show – Mona Moses

Arts Council Award – Shannon Farnsworth

Roy Mayor & Council Award – Keith Dagley

Art Professional
1st – Mark McCrutchen
2nd – Keith Dagley
3rd – Ashley Moore
Honorable Mention – Janet Rohwer

Art Amateur
1st – Kelly Taylor
2nd – Connie Brand
3rd – Topher Gardner

Art Seniors
1st – Shannon Cruchele
2nd – Lamar Taylor
3rd – Denise Thurston
Honorable Mention – Josie Spring

Art Youth
1st – Ash Hill
2nd – Kenley Orton
3rd – Mitchell Mallinak
Honorable Mention – Yva Gale

Art Junior
1st – Olivia Brown
2nd – Jeni Poulson

Photography Natural
1st – George Pandoff
2nd – Jill Savoie
3rd – Valerie Schnek
Honorable Mention – Louis Odenwalder

Photography Enhanced
1st – Gordon Doxey
2nd – Ashley Moore
3rd – Mitchell Millinak

Quilting Machine Stitched
1st – Karen Glass
2nd – Lori Foote
3rd – Megan Coleman
Honorable Mention – Bonnie Bash

1st – Charles Richards
2nd – Kevin Fuit


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