Bryson’s Rock Shop – Best Rock Shop in Utah!

Bryson’s Rock Shop is a family owned shop that opened it’s doors 37 years ago in May of 1984. Through continuous support from the local community and many improvements made over the years, Bryson’s has grown exponentially!


Bryson’s Rock Shop is one of the most popular and unique shops in the Ogden area. All kinds of people flock to the store: rock and mineral enthusiasts, jewelry makers, those looking for crystals and gems, or shoppers looking for spectacular jewelry or unusual gifts. Bryson’s is a shopping experience like no other. Make sure you allow plenty of time to explore their giant inventory.

The shop is owned and run by full-time treasure hunter, Dave Wonderly, who took over the shop from his father in 2004. He travels frequently to bring back rare and beautiful items for the shop. In fact, he just got back with a huge haul of new inventory.

People love to shop for minerals. Some of the most popular items right now are rose quartz, which can be linked to positive self-image and feeling good, carnelian, prized for combating negative energy, and malachite, a popular healing stone.

Dave picked up the love for crystals from his father, Bryson Wonderly.

Creating your own jewelry is a popular hobby. If you are thinking about getting started, Bryson’s has all the supplies, as well as knowledgeable staff who can advise you. They carry craft wire, supplies, and findings, as well as everything you need to start out as a silver smith and make your own sterling and gemstone jewelry.

Utah is a great place to look for minerals. Going out to find interesting rocks is a great activity for kids (or adults). In our area, you might find geodes, trilobites, petrified wood, or quartz and selenite crystals.

Of course, we know Dave loves rocks, but I wanted to find out some of his favorites. “Opal is my number-one favorite,” he says, “but I also love dinosaur bones and amethyst.”

One of the best things about Bryson’s is the range of items. You can find something interesting for less than a dollar or you can shop for heirloom statement pieces. And there are tons of options everywhere in between. You can discover beautiful pieces at any budget. If you are a serious art collector, Bryson’s carries some breathtaking museum pieces. Make sure to take a peek into the back room, where they have some of the largest pieces.

Next month, Bryson’s will celebrate their 38th anniversary. They’ll be hosting a month-long “Rocktober” event. This annual event offers prizes and sales all month. The last week of October will include raffles, crazy sales, and a grand prize giveaway. Reserve time on your calendar to help Bryson’s celebrate their birthday! We’ll see you there.

Jewelry and Lapidary
326 Washington Blvd.
Ogden, UT


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