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Mont Stevenson grew up playing football and basketball at Layton High school. After graduating, he and other alumni got together for tournaments. He wanted to add some fun to these games, so he grabbed a microphone and started announcing the games with humor and enthusiasm. Formal training wasn’t necessary for Mont. Eventually, he was asked to announce Layton High games. When his kids started attending Roy High in 2002, he started announcing there as well. Today, he sticks with announcing Roy High games, and he announces basically every sport except chess. Mont said, “My real work is pretty flexible as a salaried employee.” There have been games he hasn’t been able to attend, but it has been few in terms of the total number of events at the school. He also really appreciates the support of the administration and everyone who helps him in the booth and at the table.

Not only does Mont announce the games, he is the game DJ. He began with a boombox, and now, he has a laptop with plenty of music and sound effects. He will play the players’ favorite songs when they’re announced and play other music during warmups, breaks, or halftime. Most high schools don’t have microphones for the refs, and this is true for Roy High as well. Mont has fooled visiting teams into thinking they did by animating his voice and announcing as if he was the ref. He has announced dance competitions, emceed Miss Snow College, and he also announces the Weber State Volleyball team. Of Roy High School, he said, “Till they find someone else, I’ll keep doing it.”

Comments from just a few of the many who Thank Mont for going “Above and Beyond”

Melissa Beyer said, “[He has] personality, enthusiasm, [and] his voice sounds like he smiles all the time. I personally do not know him (so I can’t verify the smile), but I can tell you that he announces with his heart. My son played football for Roy High. Even coming back for football games all these years later, his voice has a welcoming and ‘coming home’ feeling.”

Janette Jackson said he is a great neighbor and has a heart of gold. “We moved here about five-plus years ago, and he and his wife were quick to welcome us. I kept my son and daughter attending Roy High instead of them going to a different high school with our move. Seriously, the kindest family I have ever met and know.”

Jennifer Mark Johnson said, “My daughter plays softball, and he does an amazing job!! He announces the batting lineup before the game with music and then announces them as they come up to bat with their walk-up song. He announces the great plays and then does silly things too. Like, if a foul ball was hit, he would play glass shattering or ducks quacking (get it? a “fowl” ball). Just makes it super fun!” She has been to many away games that didn’t have announcers, let alone someone who comes close to bringing what Mont brings to Roy High games.

MaryLyne Jones said, “He is truly the best. I’ve never seen him lose his temper or be unkind to anyone. The music he plays at all sporting events is carefully and with a choice sense of humor. He is never disagreeable. We just love his devotion to Roy High. Thank you, thank you, Mont. No one is better.”

Kristy Westover Boatright said, “Mont Stevenson is so fun to have at games! He makes all of the student athletes feel so good while they’re playing. The games just aren’t the same when he’s not there announcing.”

Mike Puzey, Roy High School Athletic Director, said he is “definitely the ‘voice of the Royals’… He’s truly one of the most loyal Royals ever!”

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