Education Goes Beyond the Classroom and Textbooks


One of the best ways to learn is through hands-on experiences via studying abroad. I am a Weber State University student, and I think that getting out and experiencing the world firsthand is a great way to enhance academia. Whether you are a high school student looking at beginning your educational future or a seasoned professional in a graduate-level program, you can gain invaluable experiences from studying abroad.

Participating in a study abroad program can allow you to build skills such as communication between cultures, critical thinking, and adaptability. Taking a trip abroad can also help one to network within their industry or to show prospective employers that they’re open minded and have experience working with other cultures. Experiencing other cultures can have a positive impact on your education by helping you understand other perspectives and ways of thinking.

Weber State University offers many study abroad experiences. These range from week-long trips to full exchange programs. Their 2022 trips include Peacekeeping in Rwanda, International Business Tours in Italy, Food and Language in France, and Interior Design in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, and Scotland. Each trip is carefully put together by educators to enhance the learning for many different majors and classes.

I have personally seen the benefits of study abroad programs by traveling to many countries over the last 12 years. My first trip was a week-long study abroad in Japan in high school. I also spent four years living in Europe and experiencing many different cultures. I am currently enrolled in the MBA program at Weber State and am looking forward to another trip abroad to Italy. Although I have visited Italy as a tourist, I am looking forward to visiting Italian companies and learning how they conduct business. My business education will flourish with getting first-hand experience and understanding how their culture impacts their practices.

I encourage you to take the opportunities to travel that are available to you. Traveling develops you in so many ways and enhances your worldly views.

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