Taking Care of People in Their Time of Need

David Milius is one of the funeral directors for the Syracuse location of Russon Mortuary. As a young man in Southern California, David witnessed a member of his LDS ward exhibit kindness and compassion as an embalmer to a close family friend when they lost a loved one. That example and experience stayed with him. When the time came for him to choose a career, he knew what he wanted to spend his life doing and graduated from mortuary school in Southern California. He said that to be able to take care of someone in their time of need is very fulfilling and a rewarding way to give back to the community.

Russon Mortuary was founded in 1955. There are now three locations in Utah: one in Farmington, one in Bountiful, and since 2019, one in Syracuse. Russon’s appreciates being a member of the community, where they try to give back by sponsoring sports, theatre, and other school programs at Syracuse High School.

With all the growth happening in these areas, Russon Mortuary feels the importance of staying close to the community. They want folks to know they are there for them in their time of need and that they will be there in the future. They can accommodate funerals that are proper within a wide variety of religious and non-denominational beliefs and have worked hard to create a place where everything can be taken care of on site to make it easier on the families during a time of loss. Russon’s feels that it is important that the directors have as much time as they need to spend with the family.

Russon Mortuary prides itself on the presentation of loved ones. They take their time to make sure that the makeup, hair, and clothing is just the way the family wants it. It is important for them to supply comfort. They try to have local directors so that, when you walk in their doors, you see a familiar face. Russon Mortuary can now provide cremation services on site.

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