The Air Force is Conducting a Five-Year Review of the Environmental Cleanup Sites at Hill Air Force Base

Hill AFB has 16 Operable Units (OUs), or collections of sites, where soil, groundwater, or indoor air contamination has been found on the base and in the communities of Clearfield, Clinton, Layton, Riverdale, Roy, South Weber, and Sunset. The Operable Units and sites have various cleanup remedies in place on the base, in the above cities, and in resident homes, or they are being assessed for future cleanup.

The purpose of the Five-Year Review is to evaluate treatment systems and ongoing studies to ensure they are protective of human health and the environment and to determine if the cleanup goals are being met at each site. The Five-Year Review project is an independent review being completed by a contractor that is not involved in the cleanup effort.

As part of the Five-Year Review process, interviews are done with community members, especially those living near or most affected by the Operable Units, to get their view about treatment systems, site conditions, and related concerns. This Five-Year Review effort covers the period between October 2017 and September 2022. If you are interested in being interviewed or if you have questions, please contact Ms. Barbara Fisher, the Environmental Public Affairs Coordinator, at 801-775-3652.

Results of the Five-Year Review will be reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. The final report, which will include all public interviews, will be completed in December 2023.


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