Roy’s Above and Beyond: Miss Roy 2022–Macy McCormack

Miss Roy 2022–Macy McCormack


On Saturday, July 16, 2022, Macy McCormack was crowned as Miss Roy, and she is passionate about civic participation. Voter turnout in Roy can certainly improve, but Macy really hopes our community members will educate themselves on issues important to them and do something about it. While on her high school speech and debate team, she went to nationals twice and realized the power one person’s voice can have. “There’s more to civic participation than voting. There have been rulings turned over because someone spoke up. It’s about going out into our communities and understanding what’s going on.”

She also wants to work with teachers to help the younger generation become educated so they can be prepared to vote when they turn 18. “Use your voice as a form of expression for what is important to you.” Macy will be involved with Roy Days and hopes to meet more of the community members there. “Please come introduce yourself to me!”

Congratulations Macy, on being crowned Miss Roy 2002

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