The mosquito species that carries and transmits West Nile Virus could be growing in your own yard. Mosquitoes need water to breed and can lay eggs in even the smallest amount of standing water. To do your part in keeping your family, neighbors, and yourself safe, inspect your yard often and drain water sources. Watch out for birdbaths, rain gutters, downspouts, plant saucers, tree holes, stumps, open trash or recycling bins, kiddie pools, pet dishes, horse troughs, old tires or buckets, leaky hoses, puddles, sand pails and other toys, neglected pools, and any other trouble spots which may contain standing water. Mosquitoes can grow from an egg to an adult in just a few days, so check these spots weekly. Please be sure to contact the Weber Mosquito Abatement District to stock your ornamental pond with mosquito fish, to anonymously report sources of standing water throughout the neighborhood, or when experiencing mosquito problems around your home. The Weber Mosquito Abatement District can be reached at 801-392-1630.


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