Roy’s Above and Beyond: Beehive Mopars Club


This month’s Roy’s Above and Beyond goes to The Beehive Mopars club, started by James Hilton. He started the club because he loves MOPARS, Dodge Chrysler, or Jeep vehicles. He loved hanging out with the other owners but felt like they could do more. “We were just hanging out and driving around.” James decided they could make their gatherings more meaningful. They started doing birthday celebration cruises, and then people started reaching out, requesting them to come by. They started looking for ways to help others. As a club, they voluntarily hold events for children in need, whether they have learning, health, mental, or other challenges. “I was bullied in junior high, so I have a soft spot for children in similar situations.” The club works together to support children by doing drive-by parades, car shows, and fundraisers. “We want to give them a good show and a good time to let them know they are important.” James is the special event host, but he credits that he wouldn’t be anything without the members. “Get in touch with our club for an appearance request Visit our Beehive Mopars Facebook page and click on our services tab, which will explain the type of parades and driveway car shows we can do.”

Do you know someone like James Hilton or an organization like the Beehive Mopars Club going Above and Beyond? We would enjoy hearing from you.


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