She Has the Ability to See Opportunity

Anna Bravard is one of those entrepreneurs that has the ability to see opportunity; if she does not, she creates it. Anna started as a client needing hair removal.


Advanced Electrolysis and MedSpa believes everyone deserves the right to feel beautiful and to express it in their own unique way

She desired the hair to be permanently gone and not return after a few weeks or months, which are the results with waxing and laser. She needed a permanent solution. She researched solutions and found Electrolysis. Unfortunately, when she moved to Utah, she realized that Electrolysis was not easily available in Northern Utah. To correct this, she became an electrologist in 2014 and started offering her services in her home. The demand for her services were so high that she added others to her practice and, eventually, needed to find a more adequate space. In 2017, she moved her business to a medical building on Washington Blvd in North Ogden. As she grew, she listened to her clients and the community’s desire for additional high quality treatments. In Anna fashion, she researched tirelessly for the treatments that were most effective and after training her staff extensively added the additional services. Such treatments include Botox, Juvederm, advanced facials, laser hair removal, body contouring by EvolveX, and, soon, Morpheus8, growing her business to a full-service medical spa.

Recently, Anna faced another problem. She was unable to find enough qualified Electrologists to meet the demand at her Medspa. Once again, she decided to correct this problem and, with a partner, opened the Utah School of Hair Removal in Clearfield. Anna and her business partner are teaching and certifying technicians to not only fill their needs but to fill the growing need for Electrolysis all over the United States. Even being new, they have exceeded their expectations and have had consistent registration and will be starting their second session this July.

When it comes to extraordinary women business leaders, Anna is at the top of my list. She is the kind of business woman who makes no excuses and finds a way to creates solutions. It takes a certain amount of scrappiness to survive in a complex business world, and Anna has not only survived but thrived.

Advanced Electrolysis and MedSpa believes everyone deserves the right to feel beautiful and to express it in their own unique way. The hustle and bustle of our lives leave us hectic and unbalanced. They aim to provide an environment that allows you to feel safe, appreciated, and confident that you will be receiving the most effective treatments possible from the wide range of services they offer to enhance and bring out your natural beauty.


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