Water You Doing to Conserve!

Spring is my favorite time of year! After a long, dark winter, the flowers start to bloom, the grass begins to grow, and the trees start to blossom. This year will be a challenge to keep those flowers and trees growing and our lawns green. As you know, Utah is in an extreme drought. Citizens of Roy will need to make some sacrifices to help conserve water. Here are just some of the guidelines that can help.

  1. Make sure your main valve is shut before May 2nd; this is the day secondary water lines will start to fill.
  2. No watering between 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  3. Watering for excessive lengths of time is prohibited.
  4. Failing to repair leaking water lines and sprinkler heads is a violation.
  5. Water no more than ONCE per week until Memorial Day.
  6. Water no more than TWICE per week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  7. After Labor Day, water no more than once per week until water is turned off.
  8. Secondary water will be turned off October 1st or sooner.
  9. *Those who have culinary water should conserve using the same guidelines listed above

I know it will be a sacrifice to not have our lawns as green as we are used to, but I have no doubt that, if we all commit to making these small changes, it will help us to stretch the limited water supply we are currently facing. If you have any questions or would like a complete list of water conservation guidelines, please call Roy Water Conservatory District at 801-825-9744 or visit roywater.com.

Ann Jackson
Roy City Council

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