Roy’s Above and Beyond

Hands down, Mrs. Beck is a true North Park Tiger! She is blessing the lives of our future generations one dress at a time.


“I would like to nominate Mrs. Tracy Beck for the Above and Beyond award.”

Mrs. Beck is a long-time resident of Roy City. She attended the original North Park Elementary school prior to it being torn down and now teaches at the current school as a Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Beck is the teacher that goes above and beyond to help the children in her classroom explore beyond the classroom. Mrs. Beck wears a fun, funky, wild, creative, and adorable new outfit and glasses for each day the kids are in school. The dresses/outfits are related to each letter of the alphabet she is teaching, each holiday that is coming up, and the theme kids are learning. Mrs. Beck is the Ms. Frizzle we all adored as children but in real-life form. Mrs. Beck’s passion and dedication shines through as I watch her say goodbye to her little students at the end of each day while I wait for my child in the pick-up lane. Her smile never leaves her face until each student has left. Mrs. Beck’s students absolutely adore her and always leave the end of the day with a big hug and smiles on their faces.

Mrs. Beck gives countless hours and her own money to making sure she gives her kids the world and out-of-this world experiences at school turning her classroom into real-life career opportunities such as scientists, pet hospitals, etc. More importantly, Mrs. Beck pours out her heart and soul to each and every child, so they know they are loved and are in a safe place while they are at school.

If you would like to nominate someone like Mrs. Beck who goes Above and Beyond, we would love to hear about it.


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