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Ken Wilmot started this company in 1991 and his quality of work remains.

Sometimes, you simply want the job done right. When Ken Wilmot started American Prestige Roofing in 1991, he decided to make sure to do things right. Born and raised in Utah, Ken worked for a roofing contractor during and after high school, learning the trade. He moved to Washington for a short period to learn welding, which was in huge demand at the time, only to realize he didn’t enjoy the work. Ken then moved back to Utah and decided to start his own roofing company called American Prestige Roofing in 1992, and it has grown to be an incredible company.

There are two things at the heart of his business: treating people right and doing quality work that the company can stand behind. Ken hires high-quality professional employees, and he says this costs him more in wages, but it is worth the expense because he can stand behind the quality of work that is being completed. Ken says the most common comment he receives from customers is how clean their work is. Most roof replacements make a huge mess in the yard of the customer; however, American Prestige does not. They are extremely clean, and often the customer cannot even tell they have been there when the roof is completed. Well, other than the nice new roof, of course.

One of the new trends in the market right now is roofing companies that claim they will re-roof a house in one day. Ken says this is a problem and the craftsmanship suffers when the jobs are rushed. To re-roof a house only takes three days to do things right, and it is worth the extra two days. American Prestige’s focus is offering a quality warranty. He said most new roofs come with a lifetime materials warranty from the manufacturers. The problem is, manufacturers can void the warranty if the labor is deemed insufficient. This gives the manufacturers a wiggle-out clause that could come back to haunt some homeowners who are left with a roof that is no longer covered. That is why Ken decided to match the manufacturer’s warranty with their own Lifetime Labor and Workmanship warranty. He truly believes in standing behind his work and delivering the value the customer deserves. His 36 years in business and nearly perfect google reviews are a testament to his ability to deliver on his promises.

Ken is a man of principles. He hires legally, pays his people well, does clean and quality work that he s can stand behind, and he believes in treating people right. He loves our country and honors the men and women who serve in our armed forces. I am honored to have done business with him and to have had the opportunity to learn about American Prestige.

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