Roy’s Above and Beyond: Meet Elaine!

Elaine Jensen Allington was born in 1927. On August 21, 1947, she married her sweetheart, Ben Allington, and began her love for the City of Roy.

Ben and Elaine’s first home was in the Art Smalley House located on 6000 S. Her in-laws had just purchased it. They then moved to their first “real” home. It was a little duplex on the corner of 5300 S. 1900 W., where CVS is now located. This duplex had a living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The bathroom was shared with the residents on the other side. When time came to build their forever family home, Ben and Elaine both had come to love Roy City and knew it was where they wanted to raise their children. They built on, what was a dead end at that time, 2375 W., right behind the cemetery. They always had the most beautiful yard in Roy City.

Elaine has always been an active member of the community, schools, and her church. She was always the best room-mother, and the neighborhood kids loved her. Ben and Elaine raised four children, Karen, Susan, Kim, and Scott in their home in Roy. Each of them attended Roy City schools, and each of them still claim to be “Proud Royals.” Elaine got the opportunity to ride in the 75th Anniversary Roy Days Parade and to be honored as one of the longest residents of Roy.

Elaine just celebrated her 95th birthday and still lives in her beautiful Roy home. It is a place that her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren love to visit. Each of them will always associate Roy City with this wonderful resident who has always gone “above and beyond” for the city she has loved for the 75 years.


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