Students of the Month

A Step Above

Kambrie Hobbs

“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”
–Conner Franta

Student of the Month, sophomore year
Dance medals, last four years
Awards with the cheer team
4.0. GPA

Sophomore Captain
Junior Captain
Team Captain for Cheer

Talents and Hobbies:
Kambrie likes to dance. She loves cheering, being with her friends and family, going camping, and doing anything outdoors. Kambrie enjoys taking pictures and loves traveling with her family.

Service Opportunities:
Cleaning up a camp site and making it look nicer

Ethan Barut

“If we were to remove the sun, could we end global warming?”

4.0 GPA
Perfect attendance

Concert Master

Talents & Hobbies:
Ethan likes to play the violin, play games, play the ukulele, and sing Karaoke. He like making music, going to the gym, and snowboarding.

Service Opportunities:
Pulling weeds at the Ogden Nature Center and picking up trash at Lao Valley


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