Roy Communities that Care Coalition

Roy Communities that Care Coalition welcomes its new coordinator Shardae Jones!

Shardae has been busily working to help the coalition with its various goals and activities. We want the community to know Shardae better, so she sat down for an interview.

Q: Shardae, where is home?
A: Ogden, UT

Q: What do you like about Roy?
A: I appreciate the way Roy community members work together to reach common goals, like working together to continue to keep Roy a safe place for youth to thrive and feel supported.

Q: Favorite hobbies/talents?
A: I used to work at MAC Cosmetics as a freelance makeup artist for fun, so I am pretty handy with a makeup brush.
Right now, my favorite hobby is being a full-time WSU student and completing my Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Health Administration, Communications, and Criminal Justice.
After graduation in the spring, I will have to find some new hobbies!
I’m also a proud dog mom.

Q: Tell us a little about your family.
A: My family is the best! I have two brothers and a sister. My parents are divorced, but we are still one big happy, blended family. I really couldn’t do half of the things I do without their support.

Q: Why do you work with the Roy Communities that Care Coalition?
A: As the Communities that Care Coordinator, I took this job because it aligns with my dedication to community and helping others.

Q: What one superpower would you give to everyone in the world?
A: Empathy – If everyone operated from a place of empathy, the world would be a place where we all could feel safe and accepted. If we could empathize with one another, we could then see that we are more similar than we are different.

The Roy CTC works to help reduce underage drinking and substance use. For more information about our coalition, visit our Facebook page or email us at


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