Message from Mayor Dandoy

As we inch closer to spring, the concern of the ongoing drought continues. Certainly, January’s precipitation numbers were less than impressive. It should come as no surprise that our state legislators were equally concerned with all the water conservation bills introduced this year. As the legislative session wraps up, we will keep a close watch on new laws that surface and how they impact Roy City. With the seasonal change almost here, each of us needs to be thinking about how we can contribute to cutting water consumption.

Speaking of water, Roy City is anticipating moving to monthly water billing sometime this summer. Over the last few years, our public works team has been replacing old water meters in preparation for this change. Watch for more information. Also, as you begin your planning for spring cleanup, keep in mind that access to city dumpsters will be available April 18-30. This service is free to Roy residents.

As UDOT begins the process of widening 5600 South this spring, my attention is now focusing towards the traffic congestion on 3500 West. This is also a UDOT road that, in 2009, had a similar widening study completed and approved. I will be working this issue with the WFRC and UDOT to find ways to move the project up in the schedule. In addition, we were able to get the process moving on the planned roundabout for 3100 West and 6000 South. Certainly, high traffic demands and recent incidents at this intersection requires a solution.

We are seeing good trends in the pandemic situation, so please protect yourself and your family.

Mayor Robert Dandoy


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