Council’s Corner

January 4, 2022 was a landmark council meeting. We welcomed Sophie Paul and Randy Scadden to the council. We also adopted a $1.5 million wage increase for Fire, Police, and administrative staff after an extensive 10-city salary survey revealed our wages were far from competitive. This salary deficiency, coupled with increased demand and decreased supply of skilled employees, led to significant employee turnover. Turnover rates for the last year were 29% in the fire department, 7% for police, and 47% in administration.

Supporting Roy citizens includes supporting our city staff. Achieving this balance without overburdening our citizens financially is challenging. Sales and property taxes provide the primary funding for staff compensation. Sales tax revenues double the revenue from property taxes, are currently up 11% over last year, and depend on our shopping patterns. SHOP LOCAL: when you have online purchases delivered to a Roy location, the city reaps the sales tax revenue.

Accolades to our loyal staff who have covered extra duties and thank you for your continued involvement and support. Stay connected by visiting our new website at and join us for a great year!

Diane Wilson | City Council


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