Recycle Old Christmas Cards

Hang them up where your Christmas cards were or make a little garland!


Every December, you get fistfuls of Christmas cards. What can you do with them when the holiday is over and the tree is put away? If you want to see the faces of your friends and family long after the holiday season, this is the craft for you! With this method, you can display your cards through Valentine’s Day.

Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter or stencil. Make sure it’s large enough to fit all the faces on the card. In some cases, you might have to create your own heart-shape to fit everybody. The final product will look best if they’re all as similar as possible. Now, trace the heart-shape on the card with a black or white pencil. Focus on capturing faces, and you’ll likely leave out all the holiday decor on the card.

Now, cut the heart-shaped pieces out of the card. Be prepared with a heavy-duty pair of scissors (some people send thick fancy cards). Erase any lines you have left on the heart.

You can take these hearts and decorate your house with them just like you would a Christmas card. Some hang them up on the fridge, pin them to a board, or hang them from a garland. My mom just realized that most rounded corners of her home are reinforced with metal rods, which make the corners magnetic. So, she can display the cards with a simple magnet.

See your loved one’s faces a little longer.


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