Roy’s Above and Beyond


Heidi Philpot is the children’s librarian at the Southwest Branch. She leads the weekly infant and toddler Discovery Time along with Tabby, her puppet friend. Her influence doesn’t end there. She trains the employees who lead the different Discovery Times at the other Weber County Libraries and oversees all the children’s library programs here in Roy. At Discovery Time, she is warm and friendly and gives gentle directions to the kids. She and Tabby greet the children with a smile. Mrs. Heidi will probably remember a new child’s name after a few visits, and it warms my mom-heart seeing her creating relationships with each of the little kids through small and kind interactions. I’ve been to each of the libraries for their Discovery Time programs, and it’s clear that her influence is impacting children beyond the ones she sees in person. I felt that same warmth and love from each of the workers.

Heidi was drawn to work at the library once her youngest child started school. After working there and moving up through different positions, she decided to go back to school to earn her master’s in library science degree. She has worked for Weber County Library for 10 years and has been the children’s librarian in Roy for almost two years. Thank you for helping to plant the seeds for a love of learning in our children!


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