Parks and Recreation

Aquatic Center & Bowery Rentals

Aquatic Center nightly rentals, Aquatic Center bowery rentals, and park bowery rentals for 2022 will be available for Roy residents, in person, at the Roy Municipal building on the 1st working day of January (January 3rd). Non-residents can make reservations at the Roy Municipal building on the 2nd working day of January (January 4th). On the 3rd working day of January (January 5th), reservations are available to anyone and can be made in person or online at For questions, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 801-774-1048 or the Municipal building offices at 801-774-1000.

Cemetery Winter Maintenance

Grave decorations will be removed by city crews on the last Thursday of January, February, and March. Please be sure to remove decorations by the last Wednesday evening of each month to avoid having them disposed of.

Beginning April 1st, grave decorations will be removed each Thursday for mowing and maintenance.


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